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Helping People with Special Medical Needs Live at Home

Petting your dog, reading a book, cooking dinner, spending time with your family... there's simply no place like home. Yet when you have a family member with special medical needs, life's simple pleasures can seem out of reach. New Care makes everyday living possible, keeping families together to share rich, meaningful experiences despite medical challenges. Read more about New Care and our emphasis on families through Medically Intensive Home Health Care (MIHC).

Client Spotlight

Krissy Kristina’s parents discovered at 20 weeks pregnant that their baby girl had a genetic disorder called Trisomy 18 or Edwards’ Syndrome.  They were told that Trisomy 18 is “incompatible with life.” Their physicians advised them that they could still “interrupt” the pregnancy since the baby was going to die anyway. If the baby survived in utero, then she would likely die at birth and certainly within a few hours or days. Most die before or during birth. Of those that survive birth, only between 5 and 10% live to celebrate their first birthday.






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New Care Office is open Monday-Thursday 8AM to 5PM; Friday 8AM to 4PM.

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In case of a medical emergency, please dial 911 first.
Our nurses can be reached after hours at: (206) 789-9054.

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