Medically Intensive Home Healthcare Nursing Services

What is medically intensive home healthcare?

Medically intensive home healthcare is characterized by in-home care provided by either an RN or LPN for medically fragile adults and children on life support systems. Washington was the first state to recognize the benefits of providing medically intensive care in a home setting, both for cost savings and quality of life. New Care founder Jamie Hills, RN, was one of the first to provide the service, helping transition a child from Children’s Hospital in 1983 to care at home. Recognizing the profound benefits of being able to provide this level of in-home healthcare (and avoiding ongoing hospitalization or institutionalization), Jamie went on to found New Care in 1985.

Medically intensive home healthcare is one of the most difficult specialties of nursing. That is why our nurses are compassionate and understanding, yet confident in their assessment skills and decision-making abilities. They listen for the words that are not spoken, work independently, and are willing to accept that others might have contrasting needs, interests, and personalities. Our nurses and clinical staff are fierce advocates for our clients, helping them get the care they need while remaining in the comfort and and familiarity of their home. Meet some of our clients.